Compare "Antigone" with 21st Century life.

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The 5th century before the Common Era seems so long ago, yet the literature written in the time period has stood the test of time. Sophocles's drama "Antigone" has many lessons that can be cross applied to the present. Creon's series of blunders which ultimately lead to his fall from power and happiness has a direct implication on today's modern society. Antigone's loyalty to her kin is a model for the passion and devotion family members should have for each other. Through "Antigone" Sophocles portrays human nature at its best and worst.

Those who are in power have an obligation to the people they rule. Creon, while trying to follow this general principle, gets caught up in his chauvinism and megalomania. This is a parallel to those who hold the power in the 21st century. George Bush, the President of the United States, has the duty to represent his people.

He failed his people much as Creon did, by waging a personal war leading back to his father's term a decade earlier. Creon did not have the support of the people when he implemented his decree, just as George Bush did not have the proper international backing when he carried out his vendetta.

Tiresias urged Creon to overturn his punishment, yet Creon remained confident in his position. When Creon finally realized the blunder he had made it was too late, and he suffered the loss of his son and wife. This mirrors the political situation before Gulf War Two; the world urged President Bush to reconsider the ultimatum which was given the Iraqi government. Bush remained fixed in his ideology and as a result America has endured over 500 casualties.

Antigone's bravery and devotion to her family is undeniable. She knew that even though she could not...