Compare two poems with like themes Comparison of Robert Frost's "After Apple Picking" and "Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening"

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Robert Lee Frost, born in San Francisco, Mar. 26, 1874; he died in Boston, Jan. 29, 1963. He was one of America's leading 20th-century poets and a four-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize. An essentially pastoral poet often associated with rural New England, Frost wrote poems whose philosophical dimensions transcend any region. In a lot of Robert Frost's poems he talks about nature. Two particular poems of his, "After Apple Picking" and "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening" are great examples of poems with the theme about nature. Although the poems have similar themes, there are some differences.

"Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening" is a very calm and peaceful poem that creates a very clear mental picture. You can almost touch the snow and feel the wind. Frost is very descriptive in this poem, which gives the readers a chance to uses their senses.

For example, you can almost feel the snow lightly falling on you.

The poem had a very simple rhyme scheme of aaba, bbcb, etc. This poem takes place in a very calm winter evening. The speaker is in the woods outside of a village. The speaker knows of a person who lives there, but mentions he will not be stopping by, most likely for a visit, to finish watching the snow fall. He has a little horse, who is confused when they stop in the middle of nowhere. Jingling his bells for an answer, the little horse wonders why there are no farms around.

The woods seem to be a very quiet and peaceful place where the speaker enjoys being. The sounds of the 'easy wind and downy flake', is very intriguing to the speaker, but he insist that he must go. He has made promises he needs...