Compare the works of Robert Frost and Edwin Arlington Robinson

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Survey of American Literature II

In comparing the works of Robert Frost and Edwin Arlington Robinson the reader cannot overlook the contrast in character development and the ideas exhibited by the authors with respect to the plight of the character. How the characters fail or succeed in dealing with situations, unpleasant circumstances or the issues of life is the foundation that separates them as authors.

In Robinson's poetry the protagonist is described by the narrator as having reached a level of contentment with his unfortunate yet real circumstances. In "The Tree in Pamela's Garden" the theme of isolation is demonstrated through Pamela's submission to her neighbor's notion that she never experienced love. When Pamela remarks "let the men stay where they are" the author suggests that Pamela's source of love could come along, but she has committed to the idea of being alone (Robinson 948). Robinson establishes that Pamela has loved, however this fact will not be evident to others as it is now solely in Pamela's memory.

Robinson explores the depths of individuals and the pain they experience. Pamela suffers from public scrutiny and speculation meanwhile her feelings are never expressed causing her to further isolate herself. This is made evident when Robinson writes "her neighbors - doing all that neighbors can To make romance of reticence" (Robinson 948).

In Robinson's poem "Aunt Imogen" the aunt is startled by the overwhelming love the children have for her, yet she is resigned to never experience it with the same maternal instincts of her sister. Realizing that "the triumph was not hers" (Robinson 945) she has accepted life as a childless and unmarried woman only capable of imparting love as an aunt and nothing more. Robinson writes "that she who had so little sunshine for herself should have so much for...