Comparing Anglo-Saxon society to the present day Western Culture.

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Focus Assignment

Very similar to the society of the Anglo-Saxons, our present society finds methods to describe

how we are comprehending and coping with current world issues. The difference for our current

populace is the fact that there are so many ways to express ourselves for many to see. Commodities

such as the Internet, television, radio and newspapers are just some of the ways information and

opinions are shared and spread all over the globe. Unlike the Anglo-Saxon period, where word of

mouth and pen and paper were the limits to expressing thoughts, we have ways to send massive forms

of information to any part of the world with in a matter of minutes or even seconds if using the Internet.

It is not exceedingly difficult to find, distinguish and interpret one's convictions rather quickly. Bias and

opinion have also evolved into a different scale then of past times.

Media outlets use bias to display

their views in a seemingly factual manor. Media itself might be the biggest way that opinions and

feelings are portrayed in our culture today.

The movie and film industries of the 21st century have successfully eased pain, made us laugh,

brewed controversy, and tackled political issues all for the gain of profit. It is a rather ironic system, but

one that the Pop culture devours. Movie and record labels are some of the largest companies in the

world gaining profit simply off of playwrights and original compositions. Money itself has become much

more involved in the way we express ourselves. Moreover, there is more effort made at not making

claims to discriminate against any certain peoples. The face of how we express and portray ourselves

has changed significantly over time, but there still are some common emotions they stir among us which

have not. The power to give motivation, inspire, give strength, make us cry, make us incensed at some

sort of evil in the world, among other feelings is something that can certainly if not only be achieved by

the media.