Comparing Elie Wiesel and Eliezer from Night

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Comparing Elie Wiesel and Eliezer from Night

Night, a novel based on Elie Wiesel's experiences during the WWII when he was in the concentration camp, is now categorized as a memoir and a fiction book because he uses his experiences during his life in the concentration camp to write the book but it's not similar to his real experience. The main character, Eliezer is a representative of Elie Wiesel and Elie uses his experience to write the book to make it more interesting for the readers to read but according to the novel, it is slightly different from his real experience. In this novel, Eliezer shares some similarities with the author Elie Wiesel, who uses his experiences to write a memoir/fiction book in the way of a subjective point of view.

As one of the famous author that got The Nobel Peace Prize in 1986, Elie Wiesel was well known because of the novel he wrote, "Night" to express his experiences during his time in the concentration camp.

He was born in Sighet, Romania, on September 30, 1928 and his only affection was his family, religious study and community. When he reached the age of 15 (1943), his family and the Nazi took him to a concentration camp called, Auschwitz. During his time there, he lost his younger sister and his mom but two of his sisters survived in Auschwitz. Wiesel and father, were separated from the ladies of the family and then they were taken to Buchenwald camp, where at the end, his father died. After the war had ended, Wiesel moved to Paris and later became a journalist but yet, he still kept the past of the concentration camp's slave to himself. Later on, Francois Mauriac, a French writer came...