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Comparing the Works "O Romeo Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?" (Juliet pg.360) Romeo, and Juliet is one of the best playwrights of all time. The movie also great was based on movie and had many similarities like the famous quote at the beginning of the paper. But along with those similarities there are those differences that make the movie unique. The reason why its had to be changed was for the younger audience which the movie was made for.

Wisely, Shakespeare used a crush Romeo by the name of Rosaline in the playwright. "In sadness, cousin I do love a women." (Romeo about Rosaline pg.340) In the movie Rosaline was not even mentioned, which was a key part of the playwright showing that Romeo, just like Juliet had a different love before them. The Globe Theater was a famous theater that Shakespeare made famous. In the movie when Mercutio is dying the Globe Theater is behind him and looks just like the paintings of it.

"The Globe Theater, where most of Shakespeare's plays were performed." (Narrator pg. 329) The party at the Capulet house, which was for A-list people, was thrown as modest party in the playwright. In the movie it was more like a Halloween party instead of a prestige party. "Whither? To supper."(Romeo pg. 344) "To our house...My master is great rich Capulet." (Servent pg. 344). The balcony scene is a big part of both the playwright and movie. When it happens it both the same exact events happened, Romeo is talking to himself then Juliet is also, then they hear and confess their love. "But soft what light yon window breaks?...That I might touch that cheek!" (Romeo pg. 359) "O speak again bright angel for thou art...and sails upon the bossom of the air." ( Juliet pg. 344-345) What other similarities and differences could their be? One similarity is when Paris goes to see Frair Lawernce and talks about how he's going to marry her. "And in his wisdom hastes our marriage." (Paris pg. 400) " A glooming peace this morning with is brings...for never was a story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo." ( Prince pg. 426) Thats how the playwright ends but the movie ends with reporters talking about their tragic death.