Comparison Between "A Municpal Report" And "A Jury Of Her Peers"

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The short stories, "A Municipal Report"� and "A Jury of Her Peers,"� are two good pieces of literature in their own special way. I believe that "A Jury of Her Peers"� is the interpretive piece of literature while "A Municipal Report"� is the escape literature. The stories both have good dialect, yet the only thing in common is that there are two oppressed women whose husbands are murdered. In "A Jury of Her Peers"�, the woman murders her husband, but in "A Municipal Report"�, a man kills her husband for her. Although they are both good literature, only one is worthy of the scale of value.

The only coincidence in "A Jury of Her Peers"� is when Mr. Hale and his son, Harry, go to Mrs. Wright's house to talk of installing a telephone on the day of the murder. Once inside, Mr.

Hale asked Mrs. Wright, "Can I see John?"� He soon spoke again asking, "Why can't I see him?"� Mrs. Wright quietly replies by saying to him "Cause he's dead."� Mrs. Wright just said plainly that John is dead, making it seem not to bother her.

"A Municipal Report"� is a story full of coincidences. The story starts of coincidental when the narrator arrives in town. The narrator soon meets the husband and the faithful reformal retainer of the sequestered woman he is in town to meet. Another main coincidence in the story is when the narrator pays the carriage driver with two one dollar bills, one very recognizable. The dollar bill is recognizable by its noticeable patch. The patched dollar bill is the one that Azalea, the person the narrator is in town to see, used later on to pay for the tea with. The narrator once...