Comparison of the books "1984" by George Orwell and "Shadow Men" by Jonathan King.

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An author can create a good book by incorporating many different things into a story to make it original and captivating. The most common things to incorporate are a well developed plot, good character description, and a problem which drives the plot. Some authors have a gift at creating stories with these guidelines in them, and their books usually are very good. But other times, authors seem to forget that description and creativity are a good thing when trying to tell a story. The books 1984 by George Orwell and Shadow Men by Jonathan King are very different in the way the story is described and presented.

The novel 1984 was the better written of the two because of many reasons. First of all, Orwell did a better job in creating the main character, Winston. Winston is a meek person on the outside, but a very strong willed and curious on the inside.

Inside, he feels that there might be something better than the world that he is living in; a world of telescreens and 'Big Brother.' Big brother is the dominating force in the world, one in which Winston hates but fears all the same. He is positive that one day he die by the hands of the government, having caught him doing or thinking something that they don't like. In the back of Winston's mind he feels that there use to be a world before Big Brother, a peaceful one in which the government didn't control peoples every move. With the strong belief in this he buys a diary, so that he can scream out his thoughts to paper instead of out loud-a surefire ticket to death. Thanks to his will and his bravery, Winston puts everything he has into quietly trying to bring down the "Party," or...