A comparison of the films "Higher Learning" and "Do the Right Thing"

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"Higher Learning", by John Singleton, and "Do the Right Thing", by Spike Lee, are two very good films that really define prejudice, stereotyping, racism, and hate in our society. "Higher Learning" is about an African America's life in college and how it was affected by racism and how he overcomes these issues while "Do the Right Thing" was more about racism and prejudice in a neighborhood community as a whole.

I thought "Do the Right Thing" was a better movie overall but "Higher Learning" was better at portraying the racism and prejudice that exists in our society. "Do the Right Thing" was more of a comedic approach to the issue of racism and there was only one real serious scene in the end that showed what can happen when racism gets out of hand. I felt that I could relate better to "Higher Learning" because it took place in a school setting and it's very similar to my own life.

Most of the time people of the same race hang out in their own groups and don't take the chance of knowing a lot of people that are different from them. This leads to people making negatives remarks about other races and that's how a lot of fights are started. "Higher Learning" takes this idea to an extreme level and shows how this hatred can turn into a really violent matter. Some people may argue that this movie is just showing an individual case and shouldn't be generalized to show society as a whole but I disagree with that completely. Things happen like this every day but on a smaller scale and from time to time, an extreme case like this one...