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Comparative Essay Holden Caulfield and Louie Banks Ting Wei Chang 9-Dec-01 902 Words Louie Banks and Holden Caufield both have a certain someone who they do not get along with in bot books. Louie has problems with Boomer, while Holden's problems are with Stradlater. Both boys have similarities with how their problems with the other character occurs, and they both have differences. They approach each situation differently, also in regards to how the situation develops with their opposing character.

Louie and Boomer never really do get off on the right step towards each other. From the start of the book it tells us how Louie is training so hard and how he wants to beat Boomer. The first situation occured between them on the first day of practice when they have to run their mile and Louie's goal was to beat Boomer, and how Louie was winning Boomer until the last 100 meters.

This really irritates Louis off from the start because when they have to keep running this mile over and over Boomer takes it easy and beats Louie every single time. This just starts the anger form Louie towards Boomer.

Holden does not start right off hating Stradlater although it seemed like he did from the beginning. He goes in and talks to him in the bathroom. Holden seems to start to get frustrated with Stradlater here also. He does when he writes his paper and he tears it up when it meant something to him because it was about D.B. We also see this because Stradlater goes out with Jane.

Louie's relationship with Boomer gets real interesting when the whole incident at the football game occured. Where their coach wanted them to hurt a black kid called Washington on the opposing team. Boomer thinks that Louie...