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Introduction Computers affect the lives of nearly everyone living today. No matter where it is that someone calls their home; there is almost a certainty that they have some sort of daily interaction with computers or some kind of computer driven device. Every morning, millions of people of every field imaginable go off to work and start up their computers. These daily activities occur often without much thought, but there are more than just minor factors that have led up to the development of today's computer.

Through research and advances made as early as the late nineteenth century, and even before that in some instances, today's computer related technologies have emerged. A major influence in the development of what is now known as the computer were made by the United States military in the 1940's and 1950's. The needs of the military at the time required that a system be created that could aid in the aiming of ballistic military equipment.

Today's modern computers are undoubtedly the result of the United States military's early developments and technological advancements in computing. Because of the military's need for the computer earlier this century, great advancements have been, and will continue to be made in the way of computers and other technologies.

Truly the first computers, or tools made with the intention of being used for calculating, were made many centuries ago. Throughout history, people have used a diverse array of devices to help them do both simple and complex calculations. Tools have varied from fingers to computers. Tools such as the abacus have aided men for many centuries in doing math. They have simplified complicated tasks, and have, in some instances, even made it possible to avoid doing certain manual tasks. However, one of the most deserving devices of praise is the...