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Imagine a society where computers are not used, and everything was done by hand. At one time this used to be true. Computers are used in schools, industries, and for communication. Computers are now part of many daily operations. There are many forms of data stored and processed in computers each day. Data input and output of a computer depends on the type of information given, and what system will be the most efficient for the task at hand.

Printed questionnaires are used each day. Companies use these questionnaires for feedback on a particular issue, feedback on employees, and feedback for leaders. This is a wonderful way to find out how something or someone ranks. The best data input for questionnaires would be the scanning method. On most college campuses scantrons are used as a method of collecting data from the questionnaires. The scanning method helps to eliminate hand writing confusion.

The scanning method is mostly used by a computer system. However, the scanning method may be read by the naked eye. This allows the reader to clearly see and collect the data from the questionnaires when the computer system is down.

Telephone surveys are becoming more popular in the business world. It is much easier to have voice activated software record the answers verses writing down or tally the yes no answers by hand. According to the text “some voice recognition systems are designed to recognize only a few words and do not need to be trained.” (Nickerson et al, 2001)It is much more efficient to have computers tally than the human hand. Each person’s hand writing is different and hard to decipher at times. There is also a larger chance for errors and if a computer is not used. Ultimately the survey is to show a common consensus.