Computer Programming as a career

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Computer Programming

Computer programming is an important career in the computer industry today. Bill Gates was a computer programmer and look how far he got.

The number of computer programmers is rising and will continue to grow throughout the year 2010. Although it is growing significantly, the number of programmers today is increasing slower than the number of some other computer specialists.

In the year 2000, there were about 585,000 computer-programming jobs throughout the world. Some computer programming jobs are temporary and the programmer is no longer needed after the job is completed, but most are full time jobs.

The average computer programmer makes anywhere from $30,700 to $52,000 annually. Although in the year 2000, the average programmer was making about $57,590 a year. However, it is possible to make up to $93,210. Usually the programmers in the western and northern parts of the U.S. make more money than the ones in the south and eastern areas.

This is because there are larger companies in that part of the country; therefore there is a bigger demand for programmers there.

To become a computer programmer, a bachelor's degree is usually required. Sometimes a 2 year or associates degree and certificate are also accepted. Classes such as computer science, math, computer information systems, and accounting are commonly taken. A basic programming knowledge is needed and a programmer must be certified in a programming language such as Java or C++.

Basically what a programmer does is write programs. They spend most of their time conceiving, writing, testing, and maintaining detailed instructions. This allows them to instruct the computer to do what they want it to do. They are able to design and test logical structures for problem solving on the computer. Some programs only take an hour to write, others can take up...