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Year 10 General English

Study Journal

5) Discuss the codes and conventions that are used to construct representation of masculinity and femininity in at least one film poster you have studied this term.

A film poster is used to advertise a film. All film posters normally include an image, a specially picked colour pallet to accompany the genre, camera angles and text. These all play a very valuable role in informing the viewer about the ideas put forward and also to encourage the viewer to go and see the film.

Sinister was first released in 2012 and is classified as a theoretical poster. A theoretical poster is normally the final release of a film poster and this is meant to draw the audience in and grab their attention. Theoretical posters consist of a date, credits, the cast, a tagline, ratings and a title.

The British Board Of Film Classification has rated this film MA15+; this immediately shows the viewer that the film is not suitable for young children under the age of 15.

Therefore it could be suggested that the target audience for this film is males of the age 15+, this is because stereotypically males are more interested and likely to watch films with blood and action compared to females who'd rather watch a film that includes romance.

The main selling point for this film is the main image, which is the demon-like figure, which is equally disturbing and terrifying. The image itself denotes a pair of angry demonic eyes juxtaposed with the tagline, ``once you see him nothing can save you'' which creates a very horrific and fearful feeling. An eye level camera angle has been used to show the demonic eyes it looking directly straight at the audiences' eyes, which evokes a sense uncertainty from the viewer.