Concealed Carry v. Home Defense/ Duty

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Jaime Napoleoni Jr

Professor Brunk

ENC 1101

8 March 2014

Handguns: Concealed Carry v. Home Defense/ Duty

In an age where gun sales and gun ownership in America are at an absolute high, you

may eventually find yourself buying very own pistol. Whether you are an avid collector of

handguns, or seeking your first pistol for means of protection, it is important that you have a firm

grasp on the intended use of the firearm. When acquiring a handgun, understanding the features

and limits of it, will simplify the decision process by allowing you to match what that handgun

has to offer with what you actually need it for. Some handguns are small with few features and

are simple enough for just about anyone to handle and conceal. Other handguns are large, heavy

and have features that allow customization for optimum defense. The key is to coordinate your

needs with the features that the handgun offers.

With the proper permit, many states allow for weapons to be carried on a person as long

as it is concealed. With carrying a concealed weapon increasing in popularity, many gun

manufacturing companies are making handguns that are more suitable for concealment. This

means more small, lightweight and easy to manipulate weapons are being produced. The most

common method of carrying a concealed weapon is with a holster on the waistline of the owner.

There are other methods like ankle holstering or inside a bag or purse, but carrying on the

waistline seems to be the most common due to the accessibility being much faster that the other

methods. When carrying a handgun on your waistline, it is important to keep the size and weight

manageable. A heavy pistol will cause your pants to sag and will be uncomfortable. If the pistol...