Conflict Management

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IntroductionTeam development is an important tool for any organization to succeed. Management's responsibility is to help team members work effectively together and this is no easy task. What makes a team successful? Team development is the most important factor for a high performing team. To make an effective, developed team, first of all understanding what team development is. Teams consist of different people within groups who are brought together collectively to reach a common goal, objective and purpose. Teams can be as large or small, the effectiveness is what counts. Teams can be global or can be local. Teams can consist from similar or different backgrounds.

Team DevelopmentHow to develop a team to be successful. For effectively team development knowing exactly what kind of team is appropriate. The teams purpose, goals, what each member's role is and who need to work close with whom. After realizing as a team, the need to follow the factors of team development. First priority is to improve the relationships between members of team. Relationships are very important with team members. According to Jeanne Gulbranson, "Conflict in any endeavor that requires the input of two or more people is a real possibility." The fact is that conflict is not concealed. Team members are enabled to express negative feelings, thoughts and disagreements within the team. Dealing with a conflict between the team members is a way to improve team performance. Team members should discuss daily all problems, negative thoughts, misunderstanding and attempt to find a positive solution. The team should give and receive positive and negative feedback between each member to identify points of view and understand each other's working preferences.

Effective communication is also very important to develop a team. "Communication is a process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common...