Congo / Michael Crichton. A description of the plot and of the main characters.

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CONGO/ Michael Crichton


Congo is a very thrilling and interesting story, about a field expedition who are send to find a rare kind of blue

diamonds- diamonds type IIb.

The diamonds are in the middle of the Congo jungle in mines near to the lost city of Zinj. The diamonds are used

to improve technology in the area of communication; therefore the expedition has to find the diamonds before the

competitor find them. In their gurney, the group has to coupe with a lot of problems; From lack of time (because

the competitors expedition), and the primitiveness of the ancient jungle, to the most intimidating problem - the

huge violent gorillas, which were trained to prevent anyone from entering the mines, even by killing them. The

expedition is under an enormous pressure- the succeeding of the mission verses the threat on their lives.

Through the story, we witness the expeditions fight for their lives, while never stop searching for the rare


The end of the story is very surprising and a little bit unfair. They succeeded to get rid of the gorillas (which

threatened their lives), they finally find the diamonds, after loosing almost all the members of the group, but the

mines are destroyed. The mines of the diamonds were placed near to an active volcano, which erupted because

they used explosives inside the mines. With a lot of luck they managed to escape and stay alive, but the mines of

the ancient city of Zinj were lost forever. The only memory and proof for their (the mines) existence are a few

diamonds the expedition took, and a handful of lost memories.

The story is very interesting and very thrilling. From the second I opened the book, the only thing that made me

close it was that...