Conrad's technique in "Heart of Darkness"

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What is Conrad’s Narrative Technique in “Heart of Darkness”“Heart of Darkness” is a fiction story, written with autobiographical events and experiences. It is at first sight an adventure, tragic story, filled with dark elements that make it interesting. However seen at a closer sight, we can appreciate that it has a lot of moral values, and psychological insights.

It is also an art piece, which leaves a great deal of elements open to interpretation. It places a series of events, situations and characters that have an “occult” meaning, or have a deeper meaning that they seem to have at first sight.

A good example of this double purpose, or double meaning is the example of Marlow.

I will quote part of the commentary in “the oxford Anthology of English Literature” Vol. 2:“Marlow is not a mere mouthpiece. Neither he is a veil between author and reader.

He contributes here and everywhere, to Conrad’s object, which is to make one see; see more, perhaps, than Marlow”As these words let us appreciate, the purpose is to “let us see”, but beyond what lies in the surface, and to do this he uses Marlow, who has a slight idea of what’s happening around him, but may not see all the different elements that surround him.

Another example of how meaning of the elements in the story and the story itself lies deeper than it seems, is for example the character of Kurtz, who all through the story seemed, or was described to be a very important, and wise person. When Marlow finally met him he did not get this impression at all, but he got a totally different impression. And it seemed that Kurtz “lost” his humanity, and contact with the human part of the...