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Who is a role model of conscience to you? Conscience is the ability to reason and distinguish truth and goodness from wrong or evil. How do people inform their conscience though? They use what they have learned throughout life to inform their conscience. By using their head to figure out what they want to do, people make decisions about their life.

The person that I think uses their conscience in the best and most Christian way is Sara Fahmy. Sara is my cousin and she is a sophomore at Calpolly. I admire her in many different ways. She's a very intelligent girl who always knows what the right thing to do is. I can tell that she uses her conscience wisely through many different things that she does.

When Sara was deciding what college she wanted to attend, she took a lot of time to contemplate where she wanted to go.

She talked to her parents, she read up on the colleges, and she talked to our priest about it. After much contemplation, she decided to go to Calpolly, and I was really proud of her. She really made a smart choice and her conscience definitely came into play while she was thinking about where to go to school.

Sara would come home to visit on the weekends and she told me about her college stories. I was amazed. I realized how smart and sensible she really was with all of the moral decisions she made. She had many terrorizing stories of situations that she was put in at her dorm and I was astonished that she did not fall into the temptations of being "corrupted". She survived her freshmen year in college and now that she is a sophomore, she is an RA, Resident's Attendant, for her...