Conservative Speech about the War in Iraq, written Jan 12, 2002

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For the past 12 years, since January 16th, 1991, when apparently "the kids got the sniffles", the codeword for the bombs are coming, the US has been hostilely active against Iraq. Both George H. W. Bush, and his son, George W. Bush, have found it fit to deal with, although while Clinton was in office, he felt the unnecessary and urgent need to manipulate Haiti's homeland affairs. And while the country sits on edge, waiting for news of Iraq's disarmament, it is never going to come. This war is inevitable. And it also is not avoidable. Ask any (high school drop-out) celebrity, (i.e. Sean Penn, who, by the way, has about as much political credibility as Ross Perot) and they'll tell you that "War is not right" and "There are alternatives". But what are the alternatives? I have not heard any. Except one. In a poem read to us by Mrs.

A, a poet described his alternative. This alternative, however, is could only be activated post- Saddam. It's impossible. And how do many peace-nicks propose we achieve that goal? More UN Weapons Inspectors, a larger Western tourist presence, one more day for the (soon to be terminated) United Nations to decide on Saddam's fate. This poet's idea of a new and improved Iraq is only a dream, and could never, ever be achieved. If this dream could never be realized on United States soil, by the United States government, how could it possibly be realized in a foreign country, under foreign rule?

In Bush's (W) address to the nation (March 17, 2003) he stated himself that war with Iraq is inevitable, and if Saddam Hussein (Husayn) and his two sons do not yield their regime within 48 hours, then we will attack. But in my opinion, this strike has...