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A Spiritual Man or a Spiritual Leader? And what man could reunite Rome, this vast empire together, with just a dream? Constantine, who was a Roman emperor could, he was able to gain total power of Rome and reunite it, by establishing Christianity, during his reign from 324 to 337 CE. A century before Rome would not accept Christ. However it was Constantine's vision that marked the turning point for Christianity as well as his reign. Constantine's vision was significant because of what it symbolized and what it represented. In this vision he saw a floating cross of light in the air, with the words "with this, conquer", inscribed into it. This was the sign of Christianity. Constantine during one of first crucial battles against Maxentius ,his enemy, was victorious because of this very sign.

Constantine also established a church, which was given a lot of power in the political and judicial system.

This in return gave him more power, enabling him to give the final word.

Constantine was the son of Constantious I and St. Helena, and his full name was Flavious Valefius Constantinus. He was born in 288 C.E. at Naissu (now Nis, Yugoslavia). Constantine's father was made a ceasor (subemperor); Constantine was left at the court of emperor Dicoletian, where Galerius took care of him. Galerius was a Ceasor along with Constantinus. When Diocletian and Maximiam resigned in 305 C.E.

Constantinus and Galerius then became the new emperors. Constantine's father Constantinus died and his soldier declared Constantine emperor. However Galerius made him Caesar, which he accepted. But not too long after Maxentiuos and Maximian defeated Severus and Galerius. That's when Constantine made an Emperor. Licinius then sided with Constantine to defeat Maximin and Maxentius, so that they would gain power of Rome. After that Licinius attacked Maximin.