Constitution Idealogy

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America is a great, strong country. It has been this way because of a 200-year-old document that has kept this nation standing. Our laws, government and senate are all based on the Constitution. America was once ruled by Britain and was heavily taxed, treated poorly, and was given many strict laws that forbid Americans to do many things. After America defeated Britain in the Revolutionary war, 55 delegates came together to write the Constitution. They wrote the Constitution to stop all the cruel things that had happened to them. They based the ideas in the Constitution on the things that Britain had done to them, so I think the Constitution was an extension of the spirit and ideology of the American Revolution. Several documents will support this.

Common Sense (1776)

In "Common Sense", Thomas Paine makes some important points. The points that are talked about in "Common Sense" are what the constitution is supposed to protect us from.

One main point was that many people thought that Britain was the mother country and America was the child, but he did not believe it. Not even one third of the colonists were actually British. Because we weren't just British, we shouldn't have to do things like pay for Britain's wars, be treated unfairly like in Boston where property and people were put in danger. We should be able to make our own rules, form our own treaties and alliances with foreign governments and trade with other countries without Britain's approval. An example that we could be independent were the first (1774) and second (1775) continental congresses because they show that the states could get together and discuss laws.

We should make our own laws and own rules, but not only for today. We should break away from Britain and make laws...