Contrasting High School and Community College Writing Prompt

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Community College and high school are so vastly different, they shouldn't even be uttered in the same sentence. The clear contrasting view can be seen for all aspects of a school: academics, relationships, workload and other responsibility.

First I will stress the major fundamental difference between community college and high school. Quality. It's all about quality. At a community college, the quality of education is worth many times that you receive from a high school. You learn more, you learn it at a faster rate, and you learn it better from higher quality instructors. At a community college, they strive to educate and please you since you are in actuality a customer of a service they are providing to you at a cost. At high school comparatively, you are thrown into a meat grinder of standardization that just pumps you through four years and throws you out at the end of it.

The teachers at high school do not respect you as an individual the same they respect you at a college. At a high school you are just one of another 200-300 teens they see a day. At a college, it is important for them to see you succeed, for if students were failing out, they would be without jobs and salaries. Opposite of a high school where teachers are paid the same and not paid on a reward based system. It is also true that teachers at college level are paid more then teachers at high school level, this can be related to the old correlation; the more you pay for something, the higher quality product you receive in return. From the very beginning it's all about quality and to the very end, all that truly matters is the quality of the education you are receiving.

The second...