A Convict letter back home

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My dearest parents,I was just a shadow in this world, a shadow in this world, a shadow that no one would notice, just an empty, lonely, broken shadow. These words passed through my head in the middle of my tears, ‘I’m so lonely. I needed something to make the pain go away.’ I tried so hard and search deep inside my sou. When I reached the bottom, I found it. Something that made my days seemed so dark…***The night was lonely. I gazed up to find the reflection of the moon stretching itself across the ceiling. I stepped out of the house into the night, finding raindrops pouring from the empty sky. Wondering around in the cold, I was careful not to make any eye-contact with the soldiers passing by. My stomach was churning. I had not eaten for a whole day. I needed food. Even a crumb of bread would do.

Creepily, I sneaked into the market to steal and grab my required necessities. What I didn’t realise was that there were two soldiers who stood invisible behind a wall as dead and still as a leaf. Only their eyes, large and lustful sparked as they watched me pace around the scrumptious foods, hiding them under my jacket. I kept moving but then, I suddenly felt hot air against the back of my neck. Two arms jerked out of nowhere and grabbed onto me. They soldiers had finally merged out of the shadows taking action upon me. They dragged me out of the market. My feet was rubbing against the rough surface of the road. I assumed they were taking me to prison, instead, I found myself in chains aboarding The Charlotte.

I took a glimpse of other criminals getting pushed into prison which was what had happened to...