Coping with China

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Date: January 20, 2003

Title: "Coping with China", FORTUNE

Author: Clay Chandler

Page: P.46-52


China becomes the hottest topic around the world within this years; you can find that the rapid economic growth in China obviously, therefore, the competition of China in the future cannot be ignored!

Due to the admission of World Trade Organization (WTO), the future of China had been predicted as good as possible. Actually, the economic performance of China, in this year, is better than many others Asian countries. In addition, as the time of worldwide economic deterioration, China still had an amazing result in the past two years. The outputs of China are exported to all over the world; it is including some of the famous brand names. As you know, China is becoming the greatest manufacturing and industrial region, and replacing the duty of the rest of Asia.

Singapore, she had a great performance in the past decade; however, she is also affected by the worldwide economic deterioration.

Some of the investors are giving up to invest in the Singapore anymore, and the economic confidence of her is missing. Therefore, the competition of Singapore is decreasing. And this is also shown the leading position of China.

Moreover, such as Japan and Taiwan, these two islands are leading the electronics field of Asian. But they are directly vulnerable to Chinese competition. Of course, Japan has a huge lead over China in technology and management expertise, so the compete among China and Japan is not so much, not more than 16%. However, the speed of China development On the other hand, the competition of Taiwan is declining; the performance of Taiwan is poorer and poorer. Most of the Taiwan companies are moving to Mainland, due to the lower production cost in China. Moreover, if...