Corporate and Private Interest behind the War in Afghanistan

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Is truth what we think it is? In what stage of discovering the truth are we in? In our contemporary society it is really hard to distinguish between an actual truthful facts and events that we are only told to believe in. Deception is the strongest weapon used by many leaders because it leaves the enemy dazzled. But it is most powerful when used by politicians and leaders as a tool for manipulating their own people, whose minds are not totally convinced in the rightfulness of the actions of their leaders.

Wars are all around us, and we as caring members of our modern society are not quite convinced what the real motives behind those wars are. In the fog of the war with Afghanistan many things became lost in the fire and the smoke that should not be forgotten, and "we the people" of the most influential and the strongest country in the world should hold accountable those who cause wars and mercilessly kill innocent people.

The so-called "war on terrorism" initiated against Afghanistan was unjust because the real reasons behind it were hidden from the public. We should address all the blurry facts and claims surrounding this "war on terrorism" and dig into the real causes, if we can, making our way through piles of semi-concealed information and diplomatic secrets. Many people around the world claim that if this is a war for oil, then it is also a crime against humanity, executed by top U.S. political and military leaders whose only goal is profit from oil trade and personal prosperity. Although the war in Afghanistan was justified as a War on Terrorism, it was in fact a precisely well-planned colonial war for oil and gas, led by the U.S. president and his administration and driven by...