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Corporate culture refers to the values, customs, and traditions of a particular company, which is usually a large corporation. It can also refer to the professional atmosphere that prevails in large corporations that are reflected in people's dress, conduct, and ways of communicating when they are at work. (Encarta, 2005). Many things can be learned by observing a company's corporate culture.

Corporate culture is complex and can hold a negative or positive effect of staff and the workplace. In many ways, culture will determine the survival of an organization. Understanding the culture can help one understand why change does not take place, or why a project fails. It also can determine where to strive to make changes to the culture. (Gautier,2005). The importance of understanding the corporate culture is because it allows individuals to comprehend the difference between attracting and retaining good employees and driving away the best employees with a negative environment- one that is discouraging, unchallenging, and has a lack of rewards.

(Gautier, 2005) Companies that can successfully line up their corporate culture with their marketing tend to do well in the marketplace. (Gautier, 2005)

Corporate Culture and Customer Service

Corporate culture and customer service influence each other. Corporate culture affects employee satisfaction. If the company has a disorganized routine, there is usually a lack of clarity around expectations and no consistent actions of leadership. This can cause employees to feel frustrated, confused, and dissatisfied with the workforce. With these feelings of dissatisfaction, the morale and motivational levels plummet. (Rael, 2003) Performance levels can be adversely impacted and this impacts the company's ability to implement a business strategy. This in turn can affect the quality of the product and the service and affect customer satisfaction. (Emerge International, 2005)

Another customer service issue that can occur is if...