Counterproductive Workplace Competition Implementation and Evaluation Plan

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Counterproductive Workplace Competition exists when employees begin to compete with one another in an adverse way, negatively impacting productivity and morale. A successful solution to problems encountered in workplace competition will resolve the many causes and effects of the problem. We have evaluated the three original alternative solutions to the problem, identified the most favorable outcome, and have outlined an implementation plan to successfully resolve conflict and improve communication.

Counterproductive Workplace Competition

Implementation and Evaluation Plan

In MGT/350 the counterproductive workplace competition takes place when workplace assessments and employee expectations are not properly aligned. Many organizations use a review process to communicate employee performance against company goals, which in turn may pit employee against employee if competition exists. Finding an optimal solution to the problem of counterproductive workplace requires careful analysis of the symptoms and an implementation plan that addresses these issues.

Alternative Solutions

1. Do Nothing - An organizational decision to do nothing seems the least attractive means to tackle the urgent issue of counterproductive workplace competition; this alternative decision predicts attrition concerns for the organization over time.

2. Create Incentive Programs to Promote Workplace Synergy - Creating an incentive program that properly aligns organization and employee's expectations will likely result in a reworking of current program with a large communication effort to ensure success.

3. Institute Programs to Create Fun and Engaging Workplace - The most visual alternative; the impact is expected to be immediate and result in a more favorable, productive, and relaxed workplace with the end result of higher employee morale and camaraderie.

Tools and Techniques

Plus, Minus, and Implications (PMI) is a basic tried and true tool used for centuries beginning with our founding fathers. Each alternative will be entered in a table. The first is labeled 'Plus', all the positive results of taking...