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Essay by jialin August 2014

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Name: Jialin Zou


Country you're from: China


Biggest difference from the U.S.?

There are so many differences between us so i just pick some typical things here such as: U.S. is a free-speech nation, you can say whatever you want but in China, we always need to think of if the words we are going to say is appropriate. And we never say hello to strangers.

How are the stores different?

10 years ago, Chinese stores basically is like Macy's, people walk into a big store and can find all kinds of different category brand on different shelf. We have much more salesclerk than you have here. Now days our store is pretty much like yours, like west county or Galaria in St. Louis. Each store is for a particular brand.

How are products different?

Generally not so much difference on products. Several things i can say here: Your products have better quality than us.

We are meeting a very serious problems which is food security. Manufacturer put some unhealthy stuff into the food just because of the low cost but in the U.S. I don't need to worry about this.

How does your country advertise?

Are things more expensive in your country or the U.S.?

Well, this is a good question! Recent years, our products price increasing rapidly, maybe more than 50% products have the same price as you have here. We earn 4000 Chinese yuan per month and you earn maybe this much dollar per month but one thing we need to know is your currency is stronger than us(1 US dollar = 6.2 Chinese yuan) so which means we spend the same amount money as you but we earn much less than you and this is why many Chinese come to the U.S.