Coyote and the Turtle

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Alejandro & Danny

Lit & Comp III

Mrs. Rowland

August 18, 2014

Coyote and the Turtle

Not a single animal could stand up against the large and powerful turtle. Every buffalo tried running away from it but the turtle, always caught up. Well, one day, critters from different lands came in seek of help from the mischievous Coyote. Each critter gave their reason of the need for help and in exchange, something that will benefit Coyote. Beavers promised protection from water, birds promised protection from the sky, and chipmunks promised food such as berries, nuts, and fruit.

"If I'm going to help you get rid of the turtle," said Coyote, "then I'm going to need help from you all. Beaver, I will need a cage that will slow the turtle down. Chipmunks, I need your food to lure him. And birds, I need you to tell me where he is at."

With all the critters agreeing to their parts, they go off to get started.

Night time came and the bird came back from scouting for the turtle. With the new information, Coyote sneaks under the dark shadows from the night sky and sets up the food trail leading to the trap. Before everything is set, the turtle finds the trail of food and starts eating it. Without hesitation, the coyote ran for cover to wait for the turtle to get into position. Before he can get to the spot, the chipmunks get frightened and run across the feet of the turtle. The turtle runs after them but soon enough, the chipmunks climb into a tree that the turtle can't reach. With determination and just enough ambition, the Coyote gets the turtle's attention by biting the turtle's foot. He kicked Coyote hard at...