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Crazy Story Lady S.K. Epperson, a writer from Wichita, writes great book, because she has good writing techniques. First off, you must know a little bit of info about her. And I'll tell you; the info on her is very scarce. I don't think she wants lots of people to know about her. It was double hard to find info seeing as how she has 2 aliases, Dylan Harson and S.J. Strayhorn ("S.(haron)"¦" and "A Mystic"¦"). Her actual real name is Sharon Kay Epperson. She wrote one book under each name, Kansas Blue as Harson and Black Night as Strayhorn.

There are some other things you should know about Epperson. For one, she is from Wichita (Richmond 226). Even though it's known she's from Wichita, no one seems to know her birthdate. I would imagine she is somewhere between thirty and forty. She is also a member of the Kansas Writers Association ("How"¦").

She used to write short stories in magazines. One is called "The Son Also Rises," from the Cemetery Magazine issue number eight ("Cemetery"¦"). Then in 1991, she had her first book, Brother Lowdown, published ("Brother"¦").

At one time,, a website that used to be all about books but has branched out recently, had an interview with Epperson. She said that the only reason for getting into writing was because she had an overactive imagination. She also said that as a kid she used to read Sigmeund Freud and that he was her favorite author. Finally, she told them that it was one of her first times on the "Net," and that she got started on it just to she if she needed it.

Now that you know a little about her, you can find out why she is such a good author. First thing to know, her books are really vulgar and violent or gory. But that's okay because it makes them fun to read. There is always some weird stuff about to happen, which makes you want to keep reading. And when I read a book that's supposed to "scare" me, I want it to at least try, like hers. And she rarely if ever uses supernatural things in her stories ("Green"¦"). The only thing she uses is extremely demented people as villains in her books ("The Neighborhood"¦"). Also she usually always makes the main characters have some sort of romance to make more conflicts in the story (" buying"¦"). With all that craziness going on you just have to keep reading. I would most definitely recommend reading any of her books: Brother Lowdown, Dumford Blood, Boerderland, Kansas Blue, Nightmare, Moons of Summer, The Neighborhood, Black Night, and Green Lake ("A Mystic"¦). And that's pretty much all you need to know about this "Crazy Story Lady." So go forth and get you some of it.