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When I rescued Lin Tse-hsü

I could hear the pitter-patter of rain pellet ting the rooftops of the stone buildings, which the English had constructed, but I, Bry-wong, was not here to be cold nor wet, which I was. I was here to rescue Lin Tse-hsü, who was an official from Canton. Lin Tse-hsü was captured by the English because he helped lead the opposition to England. The East India Company shipped tons of opium, a drug from the poppy seed, to China. Lin Tse-hsü has written a letter to England's current monarch, Queen Victoria. He thought it was unfair for England to sell opium to China when they had outlawed the sale of it in England because of its harmful effects.

I had to find a way to get Lin Tse-hsü out of this POW camp that he unknowingly created for him. The irony of the situation had to be ignored because that was part of my job, since a ninja shows no emotion other than strange serine peacefulness.

This was no regular camp, since it was for high ranking prisoners like military officials and government officials. It was a job that no one but a ninja could perform and I was honorably chosen for the task. I knew exactly where Lin Tse-hsü was in this camp and maybe that was the worse part of this mission because I knew the odds that faced me. I was not very frightened because I was a ninja and ninjas can overcome any obstacle except for the occasional more powerful ninja.

The rushing of air rushed past my ears as I flew down from atop the guard tower, only leaving behind a body of a guard who was supposed to guard the northeast entrance. China was losing a war but...