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Ashlie Hall Advanced Comp.

Creative writing When I was younger, you could catch some of my friends and I begging my dad to put those newspaper holders on the back of our bikes. Once he finally gave in we would go to the top of the hill, and as one person was steering the bike, another would sit on the newspaper holder. We'd go flying down the hill screaming for fear and excitement.

Yes, I know it sounds a little dangerous but we had it all figured out, or at least we thought. We took bungee cords and wrapped them around us like seatbelts. We had the route perfectly figured out. We had to slightly turn the wheel to make it around the one big tree that stood in the middle of the hill.

It was my turn to be the driver. My friend Tina got on the back. "On your mark, get set, go!" everyone screamed! And VOOM we were off.

Half way down the hill I didn't hear my friend behind me anymore. I looked back only to see that her foot got stuck in the spokes of the tire. That's when our final days of bicycle racing was over with.

I'm not sure any other kids pulled this stunt, but it was one of my favorite phases, even though I wouldn't be caught dead ridding a bike now, especially one with a newspaper rack in the back. How un-cool would that be since we all know the Seniors drive.