Creative writing: Crisis equals danger and opportunity. Discuss or write a story.

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Tanya Hopker

Grade 10Q

Commonwealth Essay Competition: Class B

Topic: Number five: Crisis equals danger and opportunity. Discuss or write a story.


Everyone experiences crises. Many people work through them but some people let their crisis take hold and control their lives. Many crises are not truly serious to anyone except the person involved, but seem rather unimportant, even personal. Crises can also be dangerous, serious, devastating or even life threatening. They can scar one both physically and emotionally, but once one has overcome a crisis one will be stronger. An individual will have grown as a person, become wiser and many new and positive opportunities will open up to him or her. This is what happened to Sabrina.

Sabrina Daluca is a young girl of fifteen, who has long, blonde, flowing hair that reaches just below her shoulders. Her eyes are blue, bright and shining with hidden beauty.

Her skin is well tanned with just a tint of olive and a glistening of red in her cheeks. Sabrina is blessed with a tall, slender figure and long, shapely legs, which she inherited from her father, Jacques. Jacques was of French nationality, however, sadly he passed away just after Sabrina's fourth birthday. This left Sabrina in the sole care of her mother, Maria. Maria is Spanish, with a tender and understanding personality. Sabrina and her mother are close, always turning to each other in times of difficulty and sharing the warmth and joy of all the happy moments spent together.

Maria works for a large bank firm, the Superior Spanish Bank and had received a well-earned promotion to become head manager for a branch in Aylesbury, England. Unfortunately for both Maria and Sabrina this meant leaving their home country and moving to another country. When they started packing...