Creative Writing: Epic Poem (Long)

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He awoke from his Mahogany bed.

His room was made of glazed cherry wood planks from floor to ceiling.

The walls were decorated

with various nautical memorabilia.

Detailed maps of universally unknown bodies of water to old anchors

and helms cluttered the walls.

He was shaken

by a wave brushing up

the portside of the vessel.

The man let out an inscrutable muttering

as his arms stretched to the sky

and he sat up in the bed. As he sat up,

there was a loud thump as everything

on his bed fell to the floor.

The man was then interrupted

when the old oak door flew open.

The boy on the other side wore

raggedy white cloths,

but you would never have known

by the color they were now.

"Quick boy, out with it!" the tired man said. He was grumpy and ill-tempered

by the boy's intrusion.

"Master, come quickly! We have landed!"

The man then rushed out of bed

and started to get dressed.

He told the boy

on his way out to make sure no one

leaves the ship without his presence.

As he dressed,

he hoped that they had finally found

the lost island of Presailus. The island holds the key of stopping

the evil Cortez and his men.

As the tiny door

opened with a deafening squeak,

dead silence loomed upon

everyone watching below,

whose eyes were now fixated at the man who exited.

The man stood straight up

with an aura of self-wealth and pride, unwieldy by most men except

the highest of nobles and kings.

His name was Bartholomew "Riddik" Spallows.

Captain Riddik had a head

of wavy light brown hair that went down

to his shoulders.

On his head

was a captain's hat made of wool with a sky blue feather...