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Romans 13.8 "Let no debt remain outstanding except the continuing debt to love one another." (Burkett p.10). Being in debt may not be the best way to deal with a credit card. Many people have increased there debt from not being responsible when using there credit card. Credit cards are an alternative way of payment offered to many people however; they can be financially dangerous if not used properly.

In 700 B.C., people began to stamp metal and use it as money. (Schwalberg p.31). They made these stamps from silver metal that was melted then stamped and let dry. (Schwalberg p.89). They used this metal to pay for goods brought from Europe. While they were using these metal coins, they thought of using gold to pay for more things other than just things from Europe. (Schwalberg p.20). The way money began to change helped people come up with new ideas.

By the time America was discovered, everyone was using metal coins. (Schwalberg p.74). In 1690, they started printing treasury bills. Congressed issued 240,000,000 dollars to be printed as treasury bills in 1775-1779. (Schwalberg p.90). A couple years later they started printing paper money which many people thought was easier to handle. (Schwalberg p.95). In 1860, they started building banks where people could go to save money and get loans. (Schwalberg p.111). The only way to raise money and get loans was to use paper money in 1862. (Schwalberg p. 113). The government began living on credit, laying the foundation for the present debt mentality, but a lot of Americans still worked on cash only. (Burkett p.9). In 1932, Franklin Roosevelt campaigned under the banner of more government intervention in the economy. He promised to balance the budget. (Burkett p.9). He followed advice of John Keynese, a British economist whose basic...