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The first class I chose to test my strategies in was Art 111. This is a lecture class in which there is a lot of memorization required. This means there is a lot of time that needs to be set aside in order to be well prepared. This is course is where I decided to test out my time management skills. Art History requires there be a significant amount of extra time set outside of class in order to review artworks discussed in class and have them memorized. Memorization always seems like such an impossible task for me because of my time constraints. I am always feeling pressure when memorizing something because there is never enough time to do it in. In initiating this strategy in this course, I first begun by analyzing my schedule to determine the times in which I had a good portion of time to study.

I then noted the length of my free time in my planner and was able to memorize artworks for my quiz. I was also able to understand the information for longer because there was no huge pressure to have them memorized an hour before the quiz.

The next subject in which I tested one of the strategies we learned in CLS is FND 113. This is a studio drawing class that I have at 8:00AM on Wednesday morning. Obviously the work I have to have done for this class requires large space, and quite environment so that others do not distract me. My room was becoming an insufficient place to draw and observe objects so I was going to have to find a different place. I completed a study environment survey and I found that the best place for me to work for this class was in the Study Lounge...