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Metaphor Essay

My chosen profession has given me a first hand, eye opening experience to seeing the down falls of humanity. I have found that the pen is mightier that the sword and that creative writing class really paid off. I have had several cases that hit snags, but I was able to push through and keep going to get the bad guy in jail. I have seen myself blossom into an experienced, well-rounded police officer. It is much easier for me to reel in a criminal now, hook, line and sinker, with all of the training I have received. And now I can plant new ideas into the new officers that are joining and watch as their knowledge grows from the information that I taught them.

There are many roles for language to play in our critical thinking process. First, is the need to understand a language. You must understand the language to be able to express your thinking.

Without a language, you are unable to get responses that are needed to think critically. If there is no common language, or a language that is understood between those communicating, we would not be able to speak to each other nor understand one another. We would not be able to express ideas, question or comprehend the answers to those questions. We would not know what to ask, when faced with a problem, nor would we know there was a problem to begin with. You must be able to communicate and understand what is being communicated and respond to that communication, that is a major role that language plays in our critical thinking process.

Language Diversity can make life very interesting and at the same time complicate it to the extent that we wish everyone spoke the same language.