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Describe all assumptions you see in any documents.

Kelly Thomas - Senior Engineer, Product Development1. Assumed AcuScan's customers would not be happy with just anything developed and launched.

2. Assumed Pat did not have any technology experience previous job in the cereal industry.

3. Assumed Pat was talking to the programmers without Kelly's knowledge or consent.

4. Assumed Pat wanted to continue arguing on email.

Pat Lambert - Director of Marketing1. Assumed the customer would be happy with anything launched on the market from AcuScan2. Assumed programmers could work in the new launch.

3. Assumed a new product launch would be simple to achieve.

4. Assumed that Kelly Thomas would go along with her regarding the "Operation Optimize"5. Assumed that the "Operation Optimize" could be launched in 6-months6. Assumed that meeting with Kelly Thomas in person would rectify the situation.

Cliff O'Connor - CEO1. Assumed Pat's work ethic and experience in previous job will automatically benefit the firm and reach AcuScan's target market.

2. Assumed the staff would not have any communication or personnel issues.

3. Assumed there would be a budget crisis.

Chris Martinas - VP, Product Development1. Assumed that it would not take much time to produce and launch a new product.

2. The potential return for first year would outlay with substantial ROI.

THE CONFLICT2) Explain the arguments made by each of these people.

Kelly Thomas argued that the new product features could not be developed 'just like that' and was detailed with planning, testing and quality control and could long make the features completely work by August. Kelly also stated that since the layoff two years ago, and 25% fewer programmers, they do not have the time or manpower for the product successfully to launch in time.

Pat Lambert argued that 'Retail' is the...