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Open City by Roberto Rossellini

"Open City" is a neo-realist film that followed the movement in Italy during World War 2. The film is neo-realistic because it has that 'reality' like feeling to it by following specific characters through their daily stressful lives that are screwed up from poverty and war. It has many qualities that make it in some ways 'closer' to the characters. While watching, the viewer is sucked into the story and immediately feeling emotional with the families and the other various characters in the film. The main reason is Rossellini's choosing dramatic music and kids with big eyes.

This film is divided into two separate parts. First off is a story that shows a situation in Italy during the Nazi occupation of World War II. There are a couple of members of a secret underground movement that try to keep the Nazis away from them. This movement is made up of poor Italians, who are troubled by the war and other Nazi ideologies.

One of the members of the revolutionist group is engaged to a mother of the young boy, and the wedding is about to take place in a matter of days. But all sorts of problems follow, and all of this is based on how the Nazis will finally catch up with these traitors. The second, more effective and emotional part of the film is a tragic melodrama.

At the beginning, the movie appears to be very dark and gloomy. This is shown from the riot at the bakery and the young revolutionist running away from authorities. There was so much trouble that the family went through to eat, and survive. The tension increases so smoothly yet it drives the nerves of the watcher during the family argument scene (which proves to be very...