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The Crucible In the play 'The Crucible', there are many people that think they are virtuous but are not. Throughout the whole play people believe Abigail and the other girls about the 'sinners', and then they find out who was really telling the truth. Parris tells the court in the fourth act that Abigail ran away and took all of his money. Parris was almost crying when he was talking about all of his money being gone, and as a Puritan minister he shouldn't be worried about his worldly possessions. Parris also lied to the court in order to give the prisoners another chance to confess so that he wouldn't feel as guilty for killing innocent people. These things seem hypocritical to the message that a Puritan preacher should be conveying to his people. There were also other things, such as when Parris says to the court, "Sir, I think that it would be wise to question whether or not the girls were telling the truth."

All of these things that I have talked about are should not be in the personality of Parris. And throughout the entire play every character except for the ones that are hanged are hypocritical and do things that should be against Puritan religion. If the Puritans could've only realized that people aren't always what they seem, and not to believe everything that is said to you.