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A powerful statement in its own right, what Merz is explaining is the age-old historical debate on religion; man's innate desire to distinguish it as one or the other. If religion is a fantasy, then it is the greatest dream man has ever had. Religion, when juxtaposed to all human inventions, dwells above all others in the sheer magnitude of its complexity and significance. The idea of an individual that is actual, absolute, eternal, omniscent, omnipotent, and perfect in every manner that we are not is the conclusion of a masterpiece of human invention, if it is a fantasy. Religion during its reign over mankind has had a larger, more profound impact than anything else ever has; It has changed lives and history, inspired music and poetry, and altered our thoughts and views. Try to imagine for a moment a world where God does not exist and attempt to rewrite history.

It is difficult because almost every significant event that landmarks time has an intimate relationship with religion and God, irregardless of their validity. From the first sacrifice, to the crusades, to the recent events in the Middle East, God and rituals surrounding him have been a mainstay in human culture and have transcended time.

My purpose is to investigate the following question: Is God the supreme fact or the ultimate fantasy? While we may be uncertain as to the existence of God, we are certain that his existence lies in two forms much like Shakespeare put it: "To be or not to be, that is the question" (Hamlet, III.1). People often neglect to see the truth in this statement, and rarely admit to it. Recognizing that there is no middle ground in this argument, one side - the believers or the nonbelievers - has lived their entire life based...