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Worldwide Telecommunications, Inc. is a telecommunication company that is rapidly growing; Worldwide Telecommunications Inc., is not only increasing their financial margin, but also doubling in employee size. Worldwide Telecommunications, Inc. believes it is important to ensure their employees of both genders and every race, faith, nationality and physical capability have access to equal opportunity and likelihood of success. Below we will evaluate the positive and negative aspects a multicultural workforce might have on an expanding company.

Many of us may ask, "What is Cultural Diversity?" "Cultural Diversity tends to be broadly defined in its current use in organizations to include a variety of races, genders, ages, ethnicities, classes, sexual preferences, physical abilities and religions." (Fine, 1) "A study by Professor Joseph J. DeStefano of the University of Western Ontario and Martha L. Maznerski of the University of Virginia suggests that diversity in and of itself is not responsible for how well a team works together."

So then, what makes a team work together? One contribution to a great team is how well they have achieved integration. For example, do they communicate clearly, solve differences in a constructive way and do they generate innovative solutions.

Worldwide Telecommunication, Inc. may benefit by a multicultural workforce due to the fact that a culturally diverse workforce provides development of new ideas and decision making. By encouraging a team environment, staff will acknowledge and value each others points of views.

By providing a multicultural workforce the company will benefit in providing the opportunity for their employees to understand and communicate skill fully with customers from a variety of backgrounds. This provides the opportunity to expand worldwide.

Cultural Diversity is not only valuable to the company but also very valuable to the individual employee. Individual employees in a culturally diverse workplace have the opportunity to learn...