A Cultural studies analysis of popular culture production through animated Movies. A review of Wall E and Robots

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A Cultural studies analysis of popular culture production through animated MoviesA review of Wall E and RobotsByOdiley Festus 065335ForRTVF 51115th DecemberForProf Tugurl IlterCinema and movies have become hallmarks of modern lifestyle in contemporary society, Modernity is defined by them, in the so called 'civilized' world the media are not just entertainment institutions they are creators of culture itself. This assumption is the basis of this research that the dominant media corporations systematically seduce their audiences (namely young kids) to the illusions of western culture and there creating an environment for popular culture acceptance through the aid of animated movies. To emphasize this theory a look a Chris Barkers commentary on the ethnocentric nature of globalization via consumer culture comes to mind.

"Globalization, consumer culture and postmodernism are closely allied phenomena for the following reasons: Globalization has involved the 'displacement' of the west and its philosophical categories from the centre of the universe, indeed some have seen the collapse of the western classification as the marker of postmodernism.

The rise and visibility and status of popular culture, hastened by the electronic media, has meant that the distinction between the high and low culture is no longer viable". (Barker, 2008, p. 343)To be able to ascertain this entails we take a look through critical cultural studies analysis of the various representations we are subjected to as consumers of cultural texts in our everyday life. I have chosen to use animations movies to argue my case.

To be able to argue my observations I have chosen two animations recently released animations; ROBOTS was produced by Blue Sky Studios for 20th century Fox, while WALL E which was produced by Pixar animation studios, who were bought by Walt Disney Pictures in 2006 through an all stock transaction worth 7.4 billion dollars. //www.pixar.com/ (Wikipedia.org) .