What is Culture?

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What is culture? According to its definition it is "The totality of socially transmitted behavior patterns, arts, beliefs, institutions, and all other products of human work and thought." What does this mean? Is this all culture is?

The way I would explain culture is individual and/or group actions. Culture is based on actions; a person who acts differently then somebody else in fundamental way is probably from a different culture. Also, a persons history or background will affect there culture, though it does not mean that their culture will be the same as their parents. Culture is, in my opinion, an individual choice, that it is neither thrust on you nor can it be taken away. So a person's ideas or values can be affected by the culture they where "born" into, but at the same time the culture you chose can reflected values that you had already.

So, now I ask you, what is the point of culture?

The importance of culture is mainly, once again in my opinion, so you have a place in society, or at least, a support group. It is easier to stand up for a position or belief if you know that you are not alone. In short, it is people with the same beliefs and fundamental values and behavior coming together for the sake of not feeling alone. Now we are placed with another dilemma, is one culture better then another. If you take the definition, then no, even if a culture eat their dead, something usually looked down upon, they are not in the wrong because they do not believe it is wrong. Therefore, can exceptions be made for someone in a different culture, even if what we think they are doing is wrong; but that...