Current Conditions Of Hazing

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Current Conditions of Hazing Chuck Stenzel died during the first night of pledging at the Klan Alpine fraternity house. He was involved in an alcohol related initiation. All of those that were pledging were forced to drink in large amounts while a mental game was played with them. They were told that they were rejected. Because of that news they were crushed and humiliated. They were then give a bottle of liquor and taken on a ride in the trunk of a car. Their theme was "Don't Stop until You Drop." That is exactly what they did. The members thought that Chuck would sleep of the alcohol like they all had done in the past, but b y11:30 Chuck was dead. He had a blood-alcohol level of .46. Two others almost died that nigh also (Hazing and the Law 108-109). 48% of students who belong to groups reported being subjected to hazing activities (Alfred-Executive Summary 1).

Of those that were hazed on in five were subjected to potentially illegal acts of hazing, half were forced into drinking activities, and two in three were subjected to humiliating hazing (CNN 2). Almost every type of group is involved in hazing, such as church groups, sports, peer groups, music, art, or theater groups, and many others (Education World). It is hard to avoid hazing, especially the legal, survival, emotional, and social issues. Hazing is a problem that is found just about everywhere and there seems to be no getting away from it.

A very prevalent legal issue is related to the topic of hazing. Many believe that with a strong ant-hazing policy or law with enforcement, hazing incidents wouldn't even happen ( - Athletic 1). Hazing is considered a crime in 41 states. It is unfortunate that each state has a different definition...