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Hanan Elaraby

English 1, period 6


Ms. Pryor


What do people really think about cutters? Some might say they are suicidal, others might think they are crazy, and then there are people who think cutters cut themselves for physical pain.

But as anyone ever talked to a cutter before realizing that they cut themselves, how would it change your relationship with that person? Did you ever think they are more than just a cutter, that they are also a person.

Really stereotypical people are not any better than a criminal, because you just label people and then people start to think that, that label is true and that persons reputation could get messed up.

But what really bugs me is the fact that people think that if you cut yourself then right away you are crazy. Don't get me wrong I don't cut my self, and I'm not saying it is right but what I am say is that you should not think because someone cuts that they are a "freak" or is a "lunatic".

That is just plain wrong, because I have friends who cut, and they are just like me. And I have known these people for a long time now, when I found out that they did cut it never changed any thing at all. And we are still friends.

But the point is do you know why people cut? Sometime it is to kill themselves, other times it is because they have all this emotional pain, but you can't see emotional pain, so they cut themselves and say there that is pain, that is why I am suffering.

That maybe the case that might not be the case, maybe they like to see blood, I'm telling you right now I don't mind the...