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Czechoslovakia, now known as the Czech Republic is a small country located in central Europe. The cause for the separation of the country was that both the Czechs and the Slovaks had different views in their government. After many conflictions with the government, they decided to change from one country to two. Before we get all into that, you should know about its history, their political system and the people.

Czechoslovakia, not even called by that name, was populated with people called Celts. These Celts were there about the 4th century B.C. and they called this land Boiohaemum (Bohemia). They are considered the first ethnic group to populate there, and then later on, push out by German tribes. Once the Premyslid Dynasty moved into the land (about 1306 A.D.), the state started to strengthen slowly. In 1310, a new dynasty moved in, and they were called the Luxembourg Dynasty. The first to reign was John of Luxembourg, in which he was elected the King of Bohemia.

As this, he added new regions to this new state. In 1419, a new reform came to the land; it was the Hussite reform movement. How this all started was by the problems in Europe with the criticism of the church. The leader of this movement, Master Jan Hus who was a preacher, was burned at the stake and his followers try to continue their efforts to reform the church. This movement changed the way of the society. The power of the church had gone down and the Czech came into social life. The next dynasty to move in was the Jagellon Dynasty, which lasted from 1471-1526. After them came the Habsburg Dynasty which was to reign until 1918. This dynasty brought back the Roman Catholic faith, which was driven out from the...