D I V E R S I T Y TIME FOR CHANGE America can no longer ignore the demographic trends in the society.

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An African- American executive say: "I am constantly on display and nothing I do is seen as an individual trail: I feel as if I have to represent all black people." A worker with a disability say: "I am often patronized, pitied, or treated like a child, but in fact, I am proud that I'm independent" An older employee say: "Younger colleagues think I don't know anything about the real world, just because I haven't heard of the latest rock star." "These are the "voices" of diversity the inner feeling of the people you work with every day who have a different racial background, gender, social culture, or lifestyle from yours. In today's highly diverse workplace, you are constantly required to work productively with "different" people and understanding where other are "coming from" is the key to harmonious interaction "(Black, Slipp).

Amos C. Roundtree Jr, winner of the 2000 Diversity Contest essay writes, "Ask any ten people the meaning of diversity and you will likely get ten different, yet similar responses. I asked a group of supervisors and managers to give one-word responses to describe what diversity meant to them, using only the letters D I V E R S I T Y. They offered words like Different, Integrate, Varying, Experience, Rare, Selective, Invaluable, Trying, and Youth. It did not take long for the group to recognize the similarity in their responses. Diversity can be best defined as a mix of people in the same social environment who have different yet similar group affiliations." During the past few years, such corporate giants as Wal-Mart Stores Inc, Colgate Palmolive, Corning, General Electric Co. and other Fortune 500 companies have made every effort to embrace diversity at every level...