The Dark Side of Media is about how media portrays men and women in today's society.

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The media has always been the main source of information in today’s society. From the news to the internet, we are constantly only a click away from finding out news to the internet; we are constantly a click away from finding out what’s happening in the world. Unfortunately, the media is also infamous for sending out the wrong message to the public. This “dark side” of the media tries to convince people to be something that they’re not. As Wisconsin-Madison University postdoctoral researcher Shelly Grabe once said, "We've demonstrated that it doesn't matter what the exposure is, whether it's general TV watching in the evening, or magazines, or ads showing on a computer, if the image is appearance-focused and sends a clear message about a woman's body as an object, then it's going to affect women." Many women and men continuously change not only their looks, but who they really are as an individual.

Music videos today have changed a great deal over time. In today’s society, most commonly in the rap, r & b and hip-hop genre, music videos degrade women, and make them look more like sexual objects rather than women. In 2000 the famous Dr. Earl Midgette stated that, "You see students walking on campus reciting rap lyrics when they should be reciting something they'll need to know on their next test. These rap artists influence the way they dress. They look like hoochie mamas, not like they're coming to class. (And) young men with pants fashioned below their navel." In the videos, they show women dancing to sexually explicit lyrics, and wearing little to nothing. Although the majority of today’s society loves listening to this type of music, they don’t stop to think how bad this makes females look.

In the popular music video, “Oops Oh...